About Six Star Construction!

Six Star Construction, Inc., led by experienced construction veteran Tim Stonestreet, has been one of the leading custom homebuilders in the Las Vegas area for more than two decades. To date, Six Star Construction has developed more than 600 homes in the Las Vegas area, including 48 super custom homes in the exclusive community of Summerlin, Nevada. Six Star Construction has been building super custom homes for the last 17 years and is responsible for the unique homes of numerous important Las Vegas citizens. As a result of the company’s tremendous work in the Summerlin community, Six Star Construction earned the distinction of being named the number one custom home builder in the area. Six Star Construction is fully committed to its clients. As such, the company works with customers throughout the entire construction process. Six Star Construction begins the custom home construction process by drawing up a unique and fully customized design for the home. Once the plan drawn out on paper matches the client’s exact specifications, Six Star Construction begins the actual construction process. Dedicated to quality and craftsmanship, Six Star Construction employs only the best and most reliable team of builders, making sure to pay extra attention to the minute details that make a home unique.