At Six Star Construction, we continue to receive high praise for our custom-built homes in some of the premier neighborhoods of Las Vegas. Interior design often plays a major role in how much a person appreciates a home, and at Six Star Construction we pay careful attention to every detail. In 2010, we witnessed a number of trends in interior design. In addition to an increased emphasis on environmentally friendly materials and design, 2010 saw a transition from darker wood tones to lighter, warmer colors.

Textiles brightened with the addition of more elaborate prints in vivid colors. Layered flooring received significant attention, with many homes containing overlapping rugs or other structural floor patterns that add color and variety to a room. In keeping with energy conservation, houses prominently featured window design , with many new homes incorporating efficient window placement to maximize heating and cooling, as well as natural lighting. Along a similar vein, 2010 home design trends in wood, stone, and metal featured the energy-efficient placement of natural materials and colors.

In the kitchen, the focus moved toward multi-purpose usage, with space for enjoying an afternoon cup of coffee, dining with the family, or entertaining. Appliances faded into the background, blending in with the cabinets and playing a less prominent role in the overall design. For more information on interior design or other construction trends, or to discuss your building needs, contact Six Star Construction at (702) 400-9792.

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